Optimizing gravitational waves follow-up using galaxies stellar mass

Abstract: (Oxford University Press)
We present a new strategy to optimize the electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave triggers. This method is based on the widely used galaxy targeting approach where we add the stellar mass of galaxies in order to prioritize the more massive galaxies. We cross-matched the Galaxy List for the Advanced Detector Era (GLADE) galaxy catalogue with the AllWISE catalogue up to 400 Mpc with an efficiency of ∼93 per cent, and derived stellar masses using a mass-to-light ratio using the WISE1 band luminosity. We developed a new grade to rank galaxies combining their 3D localization probability associated with the gravitational wave event with the new stellar mass information. The efficiency of this new approach is illustrated with the GW170817 event, which shows that its host galaxy, NGC 4993, is ranked at the first place using this new method. The catalogue, named MANGROVE, is publicly available and the ranking of galaxies is automatically provided through a dedicated website for each gravitational wave event.