Cosmological parameters derived from the final (PR4) Planck data release

We present constraints on cosmological parameters using maps from the last Planck data release (PR4). In particular, we detail an upgraded version of the cosmic microwave background likelihood, HiLLiPoP, based on angular power spectra and relying on a physical modelling of the foreground residuals in the spectral domain. This new version of the likelihood retains a larger sky fraction (up to 75%) and uses an extended multipole range. Using this likelihood, along with low-l measurements from LoLLiPoP, we derive constraints on ΛCDM parameters that are in good agreement with previous Planck 2018 results, but with 10% to 20% smaller uncertainties. We demonstrate that the foregrounds can be accurately described in spectra domain with only negligible impact on ΛCDM parameters. We also derive constraints on single-parameter extensions to ΛCDM including AL, ΩK, Neff, and ∑. Noteworthy results from this updated analysis include a lensing amplitude value of AL=1.036±0.051, which aligns more closely with theoretical expectations within the ΛCDM framework. Additionally, our curvature measurement, ΩK=−0.012±0.010, now demonstrates complete consistency with a flat universe, and our measurement of S8 is closer to the measurements derived from large-scale structure surveys (at the 1.6σ level).

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